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Abby Taylor
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Director, Curious Seed Sower, Empathiser

Abby joined the Collective Impact Agency in December 2020, after eight years at a national education charity, seven jobs, four organisations, two degrees, one child and a partridge in a pear tree.

Abby did her undergrad in Philosophy at the University of Manchester; while her particular fascination lies with the concept of free will, she’s easily drawn into discussions into questions about metaphysics, power and ethics.


Degree number two was a Master’s in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response, which acted as a jumping off point for many other questions about justice, equity and what it is to be human. Realising she wasn’t cut out to be an aid worker, Abby then moved into the field of education.

After five years at an education charity she moved into its sales operations team (job #5) and got a new manager, a certain Andy Crosbie. Together they built a team that thrived on dialogue, experimentation, disagreement and mind reading. A conversation began about the purpose and practice of leadership and culture, the importance of relationships, and the relationship between power and trust.

Returning from maternity leave with Andy long gone, she moved into business development, then a post with many interesting but entirely disparate responsibilities. Realising she loves a jumble sale job but had fallen out of love with traditional structures, she took the leap to the Collective Impact Agency, to pick up the conversations begun several years before.

Outside of work, Abby has a very busy, transport-mad little person. She can often be found dispensing horticultural advice, unsolicited or otherwise, discussing gender equality and playing in various musical configurations.

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