We believe that we can make our regions and our cities better, fairer and more sustainable places to live and work by bringing together diverse alliances of voluntary and community organisations, local authorities, social enterprises, unions, universities, funders and schools.

Alliance Building Workshops


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VONNE Climate Action Alliance

The VCAA exists to jumpstart a regional response to the climate emergency. It is a collection of around 20 VCS organisations who said collectively that they want to:​

  • support communities to mitigate their emissions through direct action​​

  • adapt to environmental and other changes​​

  • campaign for necessary, radical, and urgent action

The VCAA is currently in the process of identifying their initial set of actions and priorities, which will be announced later in 2020.

North East Youth Alliance

The NEYA exists to support a culture shift across the youth sector – to get people in the youth and community sector thinking and working differently. Within this, the partners aim to

  • develop an effective, collaborative model of working that is driven at a community level by local organisations and informed directly by young people

  • improve the quality and co-ordination of services and support for young people in the region

The NEYA has just put together its Reference Group, and will be determining its next steps in the run-up to Christmas 2020.

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