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Why we do what we do

Two cartoon crocodiles hugging

In 2019, over countless cups of coffee, we couldn’t get away from the fact that a fundamentally different approach was needed to overcome the entrenched social justice problems facing society.  Despite having secure jobs and steady bills, we decided to take the leap and do something about it – and so the Collective Impact Agency was born.

We do what we do because we believe that the current systems (health, social care, welfare, charities, local government, education) are not working for the people who need them the most. The Collective Impact Agency exists to transform those systems to work better for people and communities.


There are countless challenges - fragmented social sectors, weak individual organisations competing for resources, funding structures that promote unhelpful competition, risk-averse cultures, too much focus on 'delivering services', not enough focus on learning. And we’re actively getting involved in all of them.


Of course, we know we cannot do any of this alone. We are the Collective Impact Agency after all. So, we work with other people and organisations to construct experiments in how we make those systems work better, we run workshops on subjects we think contribute to building organisations that are system-change-ready, and we work with organisations and groups in learning partnerships. You can find much more about this on the pages under ‘Our Work’.

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