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Gateshead System Changers

Exploring Accessibility

Thursday 25th August 2022


The first Gateshead System Changers event brought together people across the borough experimenting with new ways of supporting communities and individuals to thrive. One of the priorities identified during this session was the need to make systems change accessible and inclusive. But how do we do this in practice? And what do we really mean by ‘accessible’ and ‘inclusive’?

In this participatory workshop, we will work together to explore these questions, identifying and prioritising the changes we want to see in Gateshead so that systems change benefits all of our communities.

Location: Dunston Activity Centre, Gateshead.

Download our Access Guide for information on getting to and around the centre.

Sign up to the event by visiting the Eventbrite page. If you have any questions, contact Anya on

Cost: Free

Past Events

The Role of Learning and Emotion in System Change

25th May 2021

We often pay lip service to the importance of learning, but how many of us truly treat it as a priority rather than a luxury? In this session, we will be exploring what learning is, why we need to think about it differently, and why we need to place it at the heart of what we do in systems. We also explore how learning is fundamentally an emotional undertaking, and how we need to create more space for the emotions if we are to be successful at driving positive system change.

You can watch a recording of the session by following this link.

An Introduction to Anti-Leadership


14th March 2022

Traditional leadership programmes draw on the idea that developing certain qualities and skills in individuals is a route to organisational success. In this session Andy Crosbie of the Collective Impact Agency argued why we should reject this notion, and introduce an alternative, the concept and practice of which we call 'anti-leadership'.

You can watch a recording of the session by following this link.

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