Gateshead Coordination Team

The Gateshead Coordination Team - brought together as part of the Lankelly Chase Foundation's place-based work - are acting as system stewards to help improve the health of the Gateshead system based on local knowledge.


The team has been established to bring together people from across Gateshead (for one year initially) so that they can hear what each other are hearing from different parts of the system. From there, they will work together to figure out how the system needs to respond. They will achieve this through coordinating an action inquiry approach. The team will focus on the question of, ‘How can we change the systems that perpetuate severe and multiple disadvantage in Gateshead?’.

The Gateshead Coordination Team is currently made up of:


Andy Crosbie

Collective Impact Agency Director and Lankelly Chase Foundation Gateshead Associate

Mark Smith

Gateshead Council, Director of Public Service Reform

Richard Gibbons

Jigsaw and Bensham Inquiry lead

Siobhan Flynn

Connected Voice

Steph Downey

Gateshead Council, Service Director of Adult Social Care

Vikas Kumar