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Mary Ward

Associate, Noisy, Rebel

Mary joined Collective Impact Agency in October 2021 as Project Manager for the Changing Futures Northumbria programme, following three years at the Lankelly Chase Foundation.


Mary has a particular interest in how power manifests itself within collaborative working environments, and how different dynamics – particularly seen through a gender lens – can affect relationships, for better or worse. She has a degree and Masters in English Literature, and is constantly both in awe of the power of language, and despairing when it is used as a weapon to marginalise people.


In her spare time Mary watches far too much TV, obsesses over the West Wing, and occasionally ventures out for fresh air. Only kidding. Well, she does watch a lot of TV and does love the West Wing, but is always overjoyed to be outside in nature. She likes listening to old records, taking photos, writing power ballads, painting, and standing at her kitchen window with a cup of coffee watching the robin flit about in the garden.

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