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If you’d like to hear more about the things we believe in and care about, listen to our podcast The Assist.


An ‘assist’ is a term from basketball referring to a pass that leads directly to a teammate scoring.  What we love about this stat is that it is crediting one person for helping another person succeed. 


We believe deeply in the importance of helping others succeed.  In this podcast, Andy Crosbie and James Ogden pick a different concept each episode connected to helping others succeed and chew it over, with the help of various guests.

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James and Andy try to explain what this podcast is and what to expect from future episodes...

What does 'winning' really mean?

Is beating the competition what's important?

How does this relate to what we think of as 'success' in life?

How does hope work?


What makes a situation feel hopeful and what makes one feel hopeless?


Is it always better to be optimistic or is there a role for pessimism to play?

Why is autonomy so important?


What happens when we are denied autonomy?


What can we do to promote it?