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The Facilitating Bravery Initiative (FBI): seeking disrupter partners

· Do you think that ‘the way we’ve always done it’ is good enough?

· Do you, your colleagues and applicants love your recruitment processes?

· Is your objective-setting fit for 21st century complexity?

Yes? Then we’re not looking for you!

In partnership with fractals co-op, we’re launching a new project called ‘The Facilitating Bravery Initiative’. We are seeking organisations who are frustrated by the received wisdom of how the modern workplace should be run, who would like to shake things up and do things differently, but don’t know where to start.

In particular, we are seeking 2-3 organisations who are keen to run experiments around either (1) developing alternative, more equitable recruitment processes or (2) developing an alternative to objective setting and strategic planning. To these organisations - as our first FBI disrupter partners - we are offering 10 DAYS FREE SUPPORT to help make these experiments happen.

Who are we?

At the Collective Impact Agency (CIA) and fractals co-op we see our work as helping organisations to try bold new things that may scare them. Our work involves running experiments, disrupting the way things have always been done, and reorienting around what we learn – which can be incredibly uncomfortable and intimidating. As a consequence of this, a core part of our work is helping people to be brave, to try new things, and to take risks. We do by focusing on emotions, purpose, relationships, and collective approaches. It can get messy, but we welcome the mess.

We believe that a lot of the typical practices of the modern workplace aren’t suitable for the turbulence and complexity of the modern world. We inadvertently treat people and the world as though they are predominantly predictable and mechanistic, at odds with our growing understanding of complexity and the value of relational working. We are working to disrupt these norms. We want to figure out: What could work better? What could feel better?

What is the Facilitating Bravery Initiative?

We want to partner with organisations that are also uncomfortable with the traditional ‘way we’ve always done things’ We want to provide support and capacity to organisations who want to disrupt those norms but have so far been struggling to do so. We want to help these potential disrupters tap into their inner bravery and run some in-house experiments.

As a starting point, we’re seeking partners who are keen to disrupt their own practices around recruitment and/or objective-setting. If you want to know where we’re starting from, read what we think about recruitment or targets.

Some questions we’re considering are:


  • How could we recruit people in a way that helps both hiring teams and applicants have a truly human, connecting experience?

  • How could we help candidates to shine even if they’re trying to juggle another job and caring responsibilities while writing their application? Or if writing isn’t their strong point?

  • How can we surface the extraordinary things that someone could bring to our organisations that don’t get picked up in our standard interview questions?

  • How might we attract these people to us in the first place?


  • How can we plan and focus our work in pursuit of our goals while recognising that our ability to achieve specific targets will be buffeted constantly by forces outside of our control?

  • How can we use what we learn to maintain focus on higher-impact, or assess our higher-priority activities in real time?

  • What would our objectives look like if they were aligned with the intentions of organisations striving for the same things as us?

If what we’ve written in our blogs or if any of these questions resonate, then get in touch.

We are looking to develop a network of disrupter partners and a collective body of learning about how things could be done differently for organisations in the 21st century. We aim to use this learning to inspire other organisations to follow the trail blazed by these earlier disrupters.

Who are you?

Our FBI partner organisations need to be:

· Curious.

· Open to being challenged.

· Prepared to meet as human beings and to make yourselves vulnerable.

· Able to bring together a small team of internal experimenters.

· Able to commit 10 days towards experimenting over a six-month period.

· A socially-minded organisation

· Located in the UK, or willing to fly us to your exotic location.

If this sounds like you, if you want to be one of the FBI’s earliest pioneers, and if you like the sound of free support, then email for an initial chat.


Come to our upcoming webinars, in which we’ll explore the ideas of reimagining recruitment and objective-setting together, and outline what an FBI experiment might look like.

Sign up to ‘reimagining recruitment’ webinar – Tuesday 19th September, 10-11.30

Sign up to ‘reimagining objective-setting’ webinar – Thursday 21st September, 10-11.30

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