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Our approach

Three cartoon crocodiles holding hands in a line saying "I mean, we are all human after all..."

"I mean, we are all human after all..."

The approach we champion in our work is grounded in compassion, generosity, and optimism about the power of ordinary people. We believe in learning constantly, and in encouraging ourselves and others to be brave enough to try things even if they haven't been tried before.

We believe that relationships are the key to solving problems, and that relationships take time to build and need to be nurtured. We believe that the constant focus on 'results' encourages short-termism and gets in the way of both learning and building strong relationships.


Here are a few of the principles that inform our work:


  • There is a more human way to work to help people live the best lives they possibly can.

  • Support others to have the courage to think differently and work differently.

  • Get things right for the people first, and create the conditions for people to feel motivated by their work.

  • Value and trust people.

  • Take the work seriously, but not yourself.

  • Focus on trying new things and ensure we are always learning.

  • Think deeply about structures, not just actions and behaviours - and challenge ourselves to imagine new and different structures.

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