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Anya Bonner
Photo of Anya Bonner

Director, enthusiastic communicator, dog-lover

Anya joined the Collective Impact agency in April 2021 after a lifetime of seemingly random and rather unique jobs. These have spanned the arenas of youth work, baking, adult education, community engagement, bathing ferrets and, most recently, human rights campaigning.

Anya’s ability for abstract and reflective thinking was cultivated whilst tending to the sheep, chickens and horse on the family croft in Shetland (as was her slight fear of cockerels). After a brief and decidedly short stint at university, Anya began volunteering full-time (thankfully expenses paid) to implement and expand a global youth programme on the islands. She began to learn the power of listening to the voices of local people and started developing the skills to translate ideas into action.

Enter a relocation to Edinburgh and a string of random jobs including walking sheep on leads (yes, no joke) on a city farm, and a second relocation to Newcastle for love and marriage.

In the Toon, Anya moved into the education sector teaching people of all ages about prejudice, discrimination and genocide. She then moved on to developing community-based campaigns on human rights issues in the North East. This was paired with building and supporting alliances of organisations to create a more inclusive and just North East. Here, her passion for collective community action blossomed. And so, to the Collective Impact Agency.

Outside of work, Anya enjoys climbing, hiking with her husband and dog, swimming in the sea – general outdoor-ness. Oh, and a good dystopian novel never goes amiss.

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