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Lara Roberts

Lara - Profile image.png

Insight & Communications Lead, Storyteller, Delightfully odd.

Lara was part of one of our first experiments into recruiting differently and joined us in 2024. Previously they have worn many hats, sometimes simultaneously, and sometimes just for comic effect.

Lara joined us after several years working in the Gender, Relationship & Sexual Diversity field as the head of a digital community management team so they can usually be drawn into conversations on the nature of human identity, community, social media, and relationships.

Lara's interest in 'how humans do' has driven them to explore both psychology and physiology as well as the arts. They have a degree in theatre and textual practices from a very strange university that doesn't exist anymore (Dartington College of Arts), and later sought further training in counselling skills and remedial massage.

As a general being of chaos they have filled their storyteller toolkit with a variety of experiences including: spending time poking needles through people, running a new age market stall, writing and directing plays, throwing together websites, being a sex & gender educator, leading gaming guilds, upcycling furniture, acting, and making youtube videos.

They currently live in the Forest of Dean with their equally odd fiancé, where they gently terrorise their neighbours by creating Christmas trees out of plastic Halloween skeletons and letting the bushes in their front garden go a little feral.

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