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Our work

Our work is broad, wide-ranging and often weird. We roughly divide it into four categories - experiments, learning support, workshops, and system stewardship - but we tend to find that these can easily run into each other. 

A crocodile talks to a piece of cardboard with a face drawn on it held up by a small snail
sand dunes
a cartoon crocodile wearing an umbrella hat

We view our work as being fundamentally experimental, so we refer to our projects as ‘experiments’. We like to think of our work in terms of ‘What if…?’ We imagine how things could be different and see what happens when we try to make something different.

Helping organisations and groups to learn is a large part of what we do. We care about learning and we believe that taking learning seriously is one of the core components of meaningful systemic change. We know from our own research that learning is a luxury for most organisations, and we want to change that.

sand dunes
two cartoon crocodiles having a conversation
sand dunes
a cartoon crocodile holding a giant pencil

We run a range of workshops ranging from 60-minute snapshots to multi-day training programmes for teams, multi-organisation groups, and entire systems.

Since all the actors in a system are playing their part, it is important that someone take responsibility for ensuring the health of the system by helping to create the conditions in which others can work effectively. This activity is called ‘System Stewardship’ and this is one role we play in Gateshead.

sand dunes
a cartoon crocodile holds a sign with a question mark on it
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