Gateshead SIGNAL Inquiry

*I've just put quite generic information here - I think we probably want to make it more specific to the work in Gateshead but I don't have that info.

SIGNAL is a methodology designed to tackle poverty, built on the principle that poverty is a multi-dimensional issue and that finding solutions to problems must put people who are experiencing those problems at the heart of the process. It is a digital platform (which can also be deployed as paper-based) that enables people to identify their life priorities. It uses an intuitive, picture-based, accessible survey through a facilitated conversation, which aggregates the data so that organisations can better understand individual, household and community needs and the causes that lie behind.







SIGNAL can start with a single organisation, a group of collaborating organisations or at local authority level. The key is that once one household has taken SIGNAL and has a Lifemap with priorities, they and their support organisation(s) start changing their thinking and behaviour by focussing time and effort on the underlying causes of symptoms. Through taking a granular approach, individuals and households develop a sense of agency, and organisations can start to redefine their social challenges. 

Here in Gateshead, we will be working with:​


Fundamentally, this is a participatory and democratic process – an essential building block to start the process of redefinition and transformation.

Edberts  House

Big Local Gateshead

Bensham Grove

Bensham and Saltwell Alive

St Chad's Community Project

Gem Arts*

Gateshead  Carers

Young Women's Outreach Project

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