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Gateshead SIGNAL Inquiry
photo of the red man lit up in a pedestrian crossing light

SIGNAL is a methodology designed to tackle poverty, built on the principle that poverty is a multi-dimensional issue and that finding solutions to problems must put people who are experiencing those problems at the heart of the process. It is a digital platform (which can also be deployed as paper-based) that enables people to identify their life priorities. It uses an intuitive, picture-based, accessible survey through a facilitated conversation, which aggregates the data so that organisations can better understand individual, household and community needs and the causes that lie behind.







SIGNAL can start with a single organisation, a group of collaborating organisations or at local authority level. The key is that once one household has taken SIGNAL and has a Lifemap with priorities, they and their support organisation(s) start changing their thinking and behaviour by focussing time and effort on the underlying causes of symptoms. Through taking a granular approach, individuals and households develop a sense of agency, and organisations can start to redefine their social challenges. 

Here in Gateshead, we are using SIGNAL to help us experiment in collaboration. We are asking the question 'Does collecting the same data through the SIGNAL tool help local organisations to collaborate. Working with us on this action inquiry are:


The words 'Bensham & Saltwell Alive' sit above a white house with a tree growing up the side
A photo of the Bensham Grove building
Big Local Gateshead logo
The words 'Edbert's House' above a line of different coloured doors

Edberts  House

Big Local Gateshead

Bensham Grove

Bensham and Saltwell Alive

The words 'Gateshead Carers' next to two stick people
Two stick figures offering each other support

Gateshead  Carers

Young Women's Outreach Project

St Chad's community project logo

St Chad's Community Project

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