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The Facilitating Bravery Initiative

We're launching a new project called the Facilitating Bravery Initiative! There's a whole blog post you can read for all the background - the potted version is this: We want to find curious people working in curious  socially-minded organisations and we want to help them to design experiments that shake up an aspect of the traditional working environment. For example, for our first few experiments we've suggested a focus on recruitment, or on organisational objective-setting.  We want to try things, to learn from them and to share them with the wider world.

To kick us off, we're offering 10 free days of support, along with our friends at fractals coop to the first two organisations to join us in a Facilitating Bravery Initiative experiment. 

Applications are now open, and the deadline is midday, Monday 2nd October.

Interested? Before you get started, check the eligibility criteria. Disrupter partners will be:

  • Curious.

  • Open to being challenged.

  • Prepared to meet as human beings and to make yourselves vulnerable.

  • Able to bring together a small team of internal experimenters.

  • Able to commit 10 days towards experimenting over a six-month period.

  • A socially-minded organisation.

  • Located in the UK, or willing to fly us to your exotic location (other more environmentally-friendly modes of transport will also be considered).


How to apply

We want to keep the application process light-touch so please send us no more than two sides of A4 (total) answering the following questions by midday on Monday 2nd October.

  1. Tell us about what you want to focus on (within the fields of recruitment or objective-setting). What do you want your organisation to get out of running a Facilitating Bravery Initiative experiment?

  2. What is it about your organisation that makes you a good disrupter partner?

  3. Why do you think your organisation is ready to run a Facilitating Bravery Initiative experiment?

  4. Who (provisionally) are the people in your organisation (names and roles) who would be actively involved in the design, running, and learning from the experiment?

Email your application to Abby on

Next steps

  • We’ll get back to every applicant by 9th October.

  • Shortlisted organisations will be invited to a (fairly informal) conversation call in the weeks commencing 16th and 23rd October where we can get to know one another better and talk about how we might work together.

  • We’ll share outcomes by 3rd November. For those who are successful, we’ll get cracking asap!

Any questions in the meantime? Email Abby on for a chat.

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